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Price List:

Unexpected Insights by Craig Rikard.   ISBN:  978-0-9851745-8-9. Soft cover.  173 pages.
List Price:   $19.95.  Click Here To Purchase

Beethoven In Love by David Ryback. ISBN 978-0-9851745-5-2, hard cover, 237 pages.
List Price: $24.99. Click Here To Purchase

Thank God for Boll Weevils by Rhett Barbaree. ISBN 975-0-9851745-2-1, soft cover, 167 pages.
List Price: $15.99. Click Here To Purchase

Secrets and Lies -- Memoir of the Kennedy Years by George B. Mettler. Original photos and art work. ISBN 978-0-9851745-0-7, soft cover, 240 pages.
List Price:  $20.00.  Click Here To Purchase

Tides of Fear by Anne B. Jones.  272 pages, soft cover, ISBN 978-0-9787263-6.                                               List Price: $15.99.    Click Here To Purchase

God's Relentless Love by Edwin Chase, D. Min.  131 pages, soft cover, contains resources, a study guide and suggested reading, ISBN 978-0-9787263-7-9.
List Price:  $14.95.  Click Here To Purchase

HIDDEN EPIDEMIC by Dr. D. Craig Rikard.  150 pages, soft cover, contains resources and suggested reading, ISBN 978-097872635-5.
List Price:  $14.99.  Click Here To Purchase

Where Did Bootsie Go?  By Billie Dixon.  Original illustrations. Thirty pages.  Hardcover.                          ISBN 978-0-9787263-4-8        
List Price:  $14.99.
  Click Here To Purchase

Patches of the Quilt: True Stories from a Children's Home.   Written by the adults they became.
Edited by Edwin Chase and Bill Chase.  Original photos, hardback, 240pages.  ISBN 978-0-9787263-3-1.      List Price:  $24.99. Click Here To Purchase

Nick's New Heart: The TRUE STORY of Love, Strength, and Courage.   By Susan May.
Original photos, hardback, 182pages.  ISBN 978-0-9787263-2-4
List Price:  $24.99.  Click Here To Purchase

Loosening Corsets: The Heroic Life of Georgia’s Feisty Mrs. Felton, First Woman Senator of the United States.  By A. Louise Staman. Original photos, indexed, endnotes, hardback, 266 pages;     ISBN 978-09787263-1-7.
List Price:  $12.99. Click Here To Purchase

Rupert and the Bag. By A. Louise Staman andIllustrated by Rich Adams.
Original illustrations, hardcover,  35 pages. ISBN 978-0-9787263-0-0.                                                             List Price:  $24.99. Click Here To Purchase

With the Stroke of a Pen.  By A. Louise Staman.  Original photos, indexed, endnotes,hardback, 354pages.  ISBN-10: 0-312-27213-8
List Price:  $20.00. Click Here To Purchase

Home-Grown Georgia Poems.   By A. Louise Staman.  Soft cover, illustrated, 18 pages, no ISBN.
List Price:  $10.00.
 Click Here To Purchase